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This is a very old webpage that haven't been updated in years.  I just paid for this sh*t again (too late, againg so +100 SEK penalty for that, and that sux).

So.. what have I been up to?!
A lot of stuff, mostly working in sys dev, c#, vb, biztalk bla bla. I had plans to create a developer blog but I never find the time to do it.

What about music? Yes, I still produce. But just for fun. I've done some tracks since -07 with a friend of mine. We actually started a band. We will have a MySpace page for this project sometime in the future. We incorporate live instruments, drums, guitar, didg, and mix that with psytrance and electronica chillout vibes.

I also have 20+ unfinished, unreleased trax. (psytrance, prog, chillout). If you are really interested - get in touch and u can get a preview file.

Peace out. I'll be back.

SLC on Soundclick!

new tracks available for streaming + purchase

1. Intense Progg