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"Evaluate your lives"
XM - 810k zipped - Style: Goa Trance.
This is my contribution to the "atuiliqon alchemy" project.

  "Slide the Universe" | .nfo
XM - 425k zipped - Style: Goa Trance.

XM - 425k zipped - Style: Goa Trance. Co-operation release with Relief! This one is a very unique dark GoaTrance track which I did together with Relief
"Love @ first sight"
XM - 457k zipped - Style: Acid Trance, Lots of 303's!
3rd place at the Icing'97 multichannel competition.
"Brain Rumble" | .nfo
MOD - 339k zipped - Style: Happy Goa Trance... (?)
Also 3rd place at the Icing'97 4-channel competition(!)
"-Psychadelic Trancesistor Bass- [303 years ahead]"
XM - 407k zipped - Style: The title says it all. This is my entry for the Symbiosis'97 competition.
"Inside my Insanity"
XM- 503k zipped - Style: GoaTrance / AcidTrance.
XM - 169k zipped - Style: 'Movietheme'/Melodic-House/Club? (kinda..sad and soft)
"Mystery of Drup'had" | .nfo
XM - 541k zipped - Style: GoaTrance
"X-cite (X-emulated)" | .nfo
XM - 81k zipped (wow!) - Style: Trance
"Mission:Impossible D'n'B Remix" | .nfo
XM - 130k zipped - Style: Drum'n'Bass Remix
"Ready Or Not D'n'B Remix" | .nfo
MOD - 303k zipped - Style: Drum'n'Bass Remix
"Astronomic Track1" | .nfo
MOD - 163k zipped - Style: GoaTrance
Really old stuff < 1996
4ch MOD trance (1996) 3:28
"Stompy Phreak"
4ch MOD techno (1996)
"Trip to dimesion z"
4ch MOD hardtrance (1996)
4ch MOD (1996) acid 4:12
4ch MOD (1996) short techno 1:22
4ch MOD (1996) Happy hardcore. Yuck. 4:04
"Slc-57Up Remix"
4ch MOD 4:10 (1995) Club
"Fiftyseven Up"
4ch MOD (1995) Club 3:09
"Cyclonic Blips"
4ch MOD (1996) Goa+Acid 4:59
"Trance Generation"
4ch MOD (1995!) Hard-Trance 4:04
"Next 2 U"
4ch MOD (1995) Trance? 2:52
4ch MOD (1996) Rejv?
"Digital Inferno"
4ch MOD (1994)
"Lunatic Waves"
4ch MOD (1995) Acid?
4ch MOD (1995) HardTrance 3:37
"Slc-The Infamous"
4ch MOD (1996) JUNGLE
"Ghost Clubber"
4ch MOD (1996) Techno/Acid 5:09
4ch MOD (1995) HardTrance 3:21
"Sound the Alarm"
4ch MOD (1995) HardTrance 4:38
"Shock Moves"
4ch MOD (1996) HappyHardTrance [compo] 2:47
4ch MOD (1996) Acid/HardTrance 3:15
4ch MOD (1996) AcidTrance
4ch MOD (1995) HardTrance 4:04
4ch MOD
4ch MOD
You might, possibly, find even more music I've released, if you investigate theese links:
SLC Aminet FTP-directory


To extract the archives from aminet you'll need: LHA.EXE Use it with WinZip or type: "lha x filename.lha" in DOS.