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SLC-ReBirth.Pack 00.09 (for Rebirth2) [NEW!] 2000-10-01
2 new trax made in ReBirth (required to listen)
you can goto propellerheads and vote for theese tracks. get an account there, serach songs "slc".
1. Smile You're on Acid (camera)
2. Pitch my bitch up

SLC-ReBirth.Pack99 (for Rebirth2)
incl 2 trax made in ReBirth (required to listen)
- Keep Your Hate
(hard acid style)
- Lifeform Tb3
(goa style)
18 kb

Stealth Wave (for Rebirth2/Orbit)
29/7-1999, Psy.Trance RBS

Pack1 (for Rebirth 1.5: 303 & 808)
- Planet Wobble Part 1-3
12 kb
Pack2 (for Rebirth 1.5: 303 & 808)
- Alien Dynamic
- Deep Motions
- Hysterica
- Tweak da Fish
- Hard Flyerz
20 kb

Pack3 (for Rebirth 2.01: 303, 808 & 909)
- Deep Motions 2.0
- Hard Flyerz (Rb2.0 Mix)
- Tweak Da fish (Rb2.0 Mix)
12 kb

TechnoBoxPack1 (for Rebirth TechnoBox Tb909e Modification 1.5)
- Deep Motions 2.0
- Hard Flyerz (Rb2.0 Mix)
- Tweak Da fish (Rb2.0 Mix)

All files are zipped RBS (ReBirth Song). To listen you need Propellerheads ReBirth2.01 Software!
Get a free demoversion of ReBirth2 here
To open/unzip theese files you need WinZip7

All tracks is copyrighted (C) 1999, All rights reserved, Unauthorized distribution and reproduction is prohibited according to swedish, and international laws.