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Sry for the dated list, most of the links is 404. I think.

Computer-music related:

Maz Sound Tools
Symbiosis - House music tracking competition
Unofficial tb-303 homepage
Rötörkopf - ReBirth & Buzz arhives - Don't miss this incredible software. It's a 32 bit tracker for Win 95/NT with software synthesis and a lot of effects, all in realtime. - All about Dancemusic home studio production! Very large and good site. Drumboxes, samplers, synths, tips'n'tricks, software etc....



iLLOGiK - has shut down their business.
Sadovaja Soundsystem - (Philly G), Listen to his RealAudio tracks!
Elastic Music, Html and of course: Orbit! :)
Relief - (Frisky?) - musician +art
Z - Twisted Design - Music +Webart. He's one of my fans ;)
N.O.I.S.E. - Music/Tracker Crew
Total Eclipse - Music/Tracker Crew
The Kosmic Free Music Foundation - Music/Tracker Crew
Trance-o-Mania Homepage Music/Tracker Crew
Chill - Free electronic music
Mono - [eklektik. elektronik. musik.]
Rave Or Die No comment... ;)
CBR Webquarter - Nice look
krAtOz - Russian producer
Trackers! All the tracking software you'll need!
VicRave - Australia, Raves etc
Exidor - Fasttracker Music
Caveman - Cavey's ReBirth stuff. Top Lists etc
T.G Virus - Music, Remixes, ReBirth
Action Jackson - ReBirth Music
Dj Mouse - German technofreak & ReBirth user
DJ Loop - Another ReBirth user
Bobba Fats - Fasttracker Music
Blacktron Music Productions - underground quality techno trance modules
Trancefusion - Another Group
Subconcious Symphonies - Another dedicated fan of mine ;-)
SonicSpeedSlayers - Tracker group
Morbid Minds - Techno House Taxx
dzp David J Elfström, webmaster at etc
Antiloop - Swedish techno act