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Fuunkieee AUDiOPhonic SOFtWARe!

Reason - cooming soon!!
Buzz - amazing Direct X tracker + Softsynth
FasttrackerII - (FT2.08) My favourite Music Module editor and player for DOS!
Impulse Tracker - Another popular editor for DOS
Mod4Win - Moduleplayer for Windows
Rebirth RB-338 - A TB-303 emulator for Windows95/Mac!!
Trackers!! Software A lot of links to Tracker-software. Very good page!
Making Waves - Haven't tried this one yet...
Stomper Ultra Drum Synthesizer - WOW! TR-909 Analog Kicks and more! This software kicks ass! :-)
ModPlug - New Player and Browser Pluggin and soon "ModPlug Tracker"

MacMikMod - Mod player for Macintosh
PlayerPro 4 - Mod Player/Editor for Mac & PC!

Aminet FTP archive: Audio software


Last update: 991026.